• Volunteer Policy at Pinebrook


    Over the years, Pinebrook has had a great number of parents take time out of their schedules to volunteer throughout the school.  Having volunteers is helpful to the staff in many ways, and we appreciate it greatly.  In order to protect students’ instructional time, and also for safety reasons, we ask volunteers not to bring other children into the classroom if they are providing classroom and/or instructional support or will be utilizing the staff work room.   Parents that help with Thursday folders are welcome to bring their child along with them as this takes place in a location that will not disturb instruction.


    Visitor Policy at Pinebrook


    Parents may visit for lunch and classroom parties, and during these times, younger children may be brought with you. 

    American Education Week Visitor Policy


    Pinebrook always has a wonderful parent turn out during American Education Week (one week in November).  We thank you for continuing to support the instruction being taught daily.  During AEW, each grade level invites parents to join them for a special instructional activity based on specific areas of the curriculum.  If you plan on attending the activities, please be reminded this is still instructional time.  If you have a non-school aged child that could become disruptive during the activity, please keep in mind that this can be distracting to what is going on in the classroom.  Please be prepared to step out of the classroom so the instructional time is not disrupted.