Welcome to PEER!

    Students helping students to build a foundation of acceptance, understanding and community at LCHS, one Captain at a time.

    What can PEER do for you?

    PEER members can provide emotional support and guidance.  If you are having trouble in school, with your parents, with friends, adjusting to a new school, having a rough week, feeling lonely, or any other issues that you might be struggling with, you can ask to speak to a PEER member.  A PEER member will set up a time to meet with you (typically during lunch, but could be another time) in a private setting.   You can meet with a PEER one time or on a regular basis.   

    PEER holds Open Lunches every week, on the last B day of the week (whether it falls on Thursday or Friday).  We are in room 132 (across from the Gourmet Foods room) and welcome you to come join us during any of the lunch blocks.  We hope that you will come eat with us!  We’d love to have you stop by.

    Who are the PEER members?

    All of the PEER members are friendly, kind and easy to talk to.  They are juniors and seniors who care about our school and spend their time helping make it a safe and comfortable place for all students.  They have likely dealt with some of the same issues you might be dealing with and can offer personal experience and insight. 

    Will anyone know that I am seeing a PEER?

    All meetings with a PEER member are strictly confidential.  What is said to a PEER stays between you and the PEER.   The only time that a PEER will break confidentiality is if there is concern about your safety or the safety of others.  All PEER members have been trained on confidentiality and different ways to support our students. 
    Any other questions?  Please feel free to ask Mrs. Kuebler, Mrs. Rowley or Mrs. Hendershot-Weimeier