• RU??????????????????
    Ready to Learn, Responsible and Respectful
    If you have ever have visited Farmwell Station Middle School on a Friday afternoon around lunch time, you may have heard the screaming and cheers coming from our cafeteria. No need to worry! Our wonderful students are simply celebrating the positive behaviors of their peers.
    The FSMS RU program is our school's way of implementing PBIS. PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Support. PBIS is an approach for teaching children appropiate behavior and providing the supports necessary to sustain that behavior. 
    A PBIS program will:
    Foster a safe, more effective school environment
    Promote the prevention of discipline/ behavior problems
    Encourage natural success
    Teach and support positive behavior for all students
    How does this program work at FSMS?
    Students are taught expectations for the various locations within our school: classrooms, cafeteria, locker area, hallway and gym. All expectations are built around students being ready to learn, respectful and responsible. If a staff member sees a student demonstrating the expectations, that student may be rewarded with a RU ticket.
    The student submits his or her RU ticket to a box in his or her house office. Tickets are drawn each Friday for a chance to spin the RU wheel at lunch. Prizes on the RU wheel include: pass to the front of the lunch line, recess with 3 friends, courtyard lunch with 3 friends, ice cream, Broad Run High School event ticket, etc.