Dear Hutchison Families,


    Howdy, my name is Aisha Rostom and I am the Parent Liaison at Hutchison Farm Elementary School. I'm extremely excited to continue my journey here. As your Parent Liaison, I can connect you to many resources offered through Loudoun County.    


    If your family is in financial distress and your student would benefit from receiving food packs, clothing or school supplies, please do not hesitate to ask. Please contact me at Aisha.Rostom@lcps.org or you can reach me at 703-957-4350. I will do my best to contact you and see how I may be of assistance.   


    All information is strictly confidential and will only be shared with necessary staff at Hutchison Farm Elementary School. Any questions or concerns can be directed to Parent Liaison or the Principal, Mrs. Heidi E. Smith.


    Thank you.


    Email: Aisha.Rostom@LCPS.ORG

     Phone: 703-957-4350