• Trout in the Classroom
    Trout in the Classroom(TIC) will meet at 7:50am on A days in Room A7. See the meeting dates below
    Listen for the announcements for the rest of the year.
    October 4th
    October 19th
    November 9th
    November 30th
     December 14th
    January 10th
    January 25th
    February 15th
    see bulletin board for future meetings
    Club Description:

    Trout in the Classroom brings conservation, biology, chemistry, and ecology to life.  We raise trout from eggs and then release them into an approved cold water stream.  Through the hands-on activities of raising, monitoring, and caring for young trout, students foster a conservation ethic and increase their knowledge of water quality.  Also, included is instruction in fly fishing and hopefully a trip to a local pond to practice.  Permission forms are located in each House office.  Bring your form to the first club meeting.