• Algebra
    Algebra Clinic Schedule:

    Sept 19          Room B2   (Bradley)

    October 10     Room B15 (Coffman)

    October 24     Room B2   (Bradley)

    November 7   Room B2  (Bradley)

    November 19 Room B15 (Coffman)

    December 5   Room B2   (Bradley)

    December 10 Room B15  (Coffman)

    Club Description:
    The Algebra Clinic is a place where students can meet in a low stress environment to get additional assistance with their Algebra or Geometry studies.  Students can receive homework help/content assistance, test review, test re-take revisit time, and a place to ask questions that they might not have been able to ask in class.  Students should bring work that they need assistance with to the club.
    If you are staying after school for the Algebra/Geometry Clinic, please bring a filled in club permission form the first time you attend.  We cannot let you stay if you do not have one.  
    Parents, thank you for promptly picking up your child at 4:20pm by the side entrance of the school.