• Rodney Krone is a graduate of Loudoun Valley High School and the C.S. Monroe Technology Center. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as an Aviation Structure Mechanic. After release from active duty, Mr. Krone stayed in the reserves to retire with 24 years total service. He worked for Southern Electrical Service Company for 16 years as a licensed electrician and lead service technician.


    Mr. Krone began teaching Residential Electricity at Monroe in March 2000. In August 2000, he also began teaching Computer Network Administration, covering the Cisco 1 and 2 curriculum and both Copper and Fiber Optic Certification. In August 2001 the electrical program was closed and Mr. Krone taught CNA full time. August 2005 Monroe started Advanced Networking covering the Cisco 3 and 4 curriculums. August 2007 CNA and Advanced Networking was combined into a one-year program and named Advanced Networking (Adv Net).

    August 2012 Mr. Krone upgraded his teaching credentials to include the C-Tech curriculum for copper and fiber optic cabling.