Fall and Spring Student Sports Leagues
    If you want more information on Fall and Spring Sports for your student please click on the category Youth Sports Leagues to the left and you will find a link to the Loudoun County Parks and Recreation site for information on dates and registration. 
     Ironman Stingray Club
    The Iron Stingray Club is an elite club of student athletes that have excelled in the fitness tests.  If a student completes the required number of reps for each fitness test than they are entered into the "Ironman Stingray" club and will receive an Ironman Stingray T-shirt.  The student will have four official times in the school year to complete these tests.  The following is the required tests and numbers:
    Push UpsCurl UpsPacer
     Loudoun County Restricted Activity Checklist
    This form is for any student who has experienced an injury and CAN participate in limited activities.  This form will let your PE teacher know of what activities the student  CAN participate in.
    Virginia Standards of Education Information
    For information regarding the Virginia Standards if Education, follow this link:
    Physical Education