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    Falcon Image Ken Weisman

    This is Mr. Weisman's twelfth year at Briar Woods High School and his fifteenth year in Loudoun County Public Schools. He earned a Master's in special education from George Mason University. This year, Mr. Weisman teaches Earth Science with Mr. Spangler and Ms. Hall, Economics with Mr. Shenkman, and Functions of Algebra and Data Analysis (FADA) with Mr. Butler.  


    My 2022-23 Schedule 





     Economics with Mr. Shenkman (206)  




    Algebra Functions/Data with Mr. Butler (L206)  








     Study Hall (404)  




     Earth Science with Ms. Hall (512)  




    Earth Science with Mr. Spangler (512)  




     Earth Science with Ms. Hall (510)  




    Common Planning Science