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    Falcon Image Benjamin Scarboro
     Social Science
    Welcome students and parents. Since 1994, I have taught elementary, middle and high school in Loudoun County. I started teaching at Briar Woods in 2011. I have a B.S. from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and a Master's degree in education from George Mason University.
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    My 2018-19 Schedule:

     1st School Duty Period  5th  Trailer 4:  AP Government
     2nd Planning (Trailer 4, Library, Room 207)  6th Planning (Trailer 4, Library, Room 207
     3rd Trailer 4:  Intro to AP World History  7th  Trailer 4:  AP Government
     4th  Trailer 4:   Intro to AP World History  8th Trailer 4:   Intro to AP World History
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