• Mr. Eirich - River Bend Middle School
    Contact Me: Chad.Eirich@lcps.org                     RBMS Phone # (571) 434-3220
  • My name is Chad Eirich and I am currently in my 10th year as a H&P.E. teacher at River Bend Middle School and in my 14th year as a H&P.E. teacher (I taught for 4 years in Chesterfield County, Virginia). I graduated from East Carolina University in 2005 with a Bachelor's degree in Health & Physical Education.
    As an educator, I am fully committed to helping students get the most out of their physical potential through a variety of sports, games, lifetime activities, and fitness activities.  I believe that success in the academic domain is strongly linked to a healthy and active body.  I enjoy working with middle school students and helping them foster better social skills through positive interactions with their peers.
    Outside of school, I am married to my wife, Anna, who is a practicing Family Physician in Winchester, VA and have 2 daughters - Eloise (6), Gabriella (4), and 1 son - Spencer (1).  In my spare time I enjoy traveling, hiking and camping, playing in adult sport leagues, and playing with my dog, Gretta.
  •                                            Mr. Eirich's Schedule (2020-2021)
    A Day - 6th Grade B Day - 8th Grade
    1st Block: TBD 5th Block: TBD
    2nd Block: Planning 6th Block: TBD
    3rd Block: TBD 7th Block: Planning
    4th Block: TBD 8th Block: TBD
    Daily Phys. Ed. Needs                 Health & Phys. Ed. Rules
    PE Clothing Including:                      1. Be on time, prepared for class.
    ~Shorts of correct length                  2. Listen when instructions are given. 
    ~T-shirt with name on back             3. Honor personal space
    ~Athletic Shoes & Socks                   4. Treat everyone in class with respect.
    Agenda                                                  5. Follow all H & P.E. procedures. 
    Positive Attitude                                 6. Do your best every day.
    Physical Education Topics:
    Cooperative Games
    Fitness Activities
    Sports and Games
    Individual and Team Activities
    Rhythmic Activities
    Recreational Activities
    Health Education Topics:
    - Five Components of Fitness
    - Goal Setting (Fitness Scores and Lifetime Goals)
    - Nutrition and Healthy Habits for Life
    - Diseases (Communicable and Non-Communicable) 
    - Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Substances 
    - Movement Education involving Skeletal, Muscular, and Cardiorespiratory Systems
    - FLE (Family Life Education) - taught by Mrs. Canfield
Mr. Eirich and Family
Mr. Eirich and Wife
The Kids