• JML Counselors: Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Calderone, Mrs. Kenworthy, & Ms. Melko
    Welcome to the School Counseling program at J. Michael Lunsford Middle School! As we work with children and families, our goal is for all students at Lunsford to have a productive and successful academic year. We strive to provide the support and assistance that will allow our students to achieve at the highest level possible.
    Please use the contact information below if you need any assistance throughout the year!
    Kelly Kenworthy, 6th Grade Counselor A-L (Lead Counselor)
    Holly Melko, 6th Grade Counselor M-Z
    Jennifer Calderone, 7th Grade Counselor A-K
    Mary Armstrong, 7th Grade Counselor L-Z
    Sue Simpson, 8th Grade Counselor A-K
    Jennifer Nocito, 8th Grade Counselor L-Z