Mrs. Kristin Bird



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Kristin Bird
Everything you need will be on my new website      Please come see me for the password. 
Social Studies --> AP World and USVA Gov
I am available in the morning at 8:00 everyday to work with any student who needs it
Late work Policy:       
      You will be able to turn in any work until the last
           week of the quarter it was assigned.  
      If you don't do the late work it will be a 0
Retake policy:
     You will be able to retake anything throughout the year 
     All of the information you need for the course will be on MY EXTERNAL SITE
A Days:                                                   
1st Period: USVA Gov room 209          
2nd Period: AP World room 209                         
3rd Period: Planning
4th Period: Duty                   
B Days:
5th Period:Planning
6th Period: USVA Gov room 203
7th Period: AP World room 209
8th Period: AP World room 209
Up coming assignments are all located on a Google calendar located on my website, on the Calendar given to your students or you can check Phoenix 
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