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    Damian JM. Tremblay 
    World Languages & Cultures Department chair 
    office  FHS L200 (A days, 8.15 - 9.00), JML # (B days, 8.00 - 8.30)  
    Magister Tremblay has taught various levels of history, Latin and Spanish in Maryland, New York and Virginia for twenty years after earning advanced degrees in Classical languages (Greek and Latin) at Buffalo and Philadelphia universities in addition to studies in archaeology, English, French and philosophy.
    Peer tutoring is available from the second marking period on Mondays through Fridays during many study halls pending tutors' schedules.  Please consult the Academic Support Center page [pending] in order to request a tutor.  
    Prōmittō mē nūllō modō in hōc pēnsō cōnficiendō auxilium impermissum aut dedisse aut accēpisse
    "On my honor I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work."  
    Academic information  
    Latin 1 
    Latin 2  JML, FHS 
    Latin 3 
    Latin 4 Honors 
    Dual Enrollment Latin 5 
    Advanced Placement Latin 
    Block 6  (room L202) 
    Blocks 5, 6  (rooms JML #, FHS L202) 
    Blocks 1, 4   (rooms L202, 400) 
    Blocks 4, 7  (rooms L400, L202) 
    Block 3  (room L400) 
    Block 3  (room L400) 
    Please consult the relevant codes for Schoology course sites with assignments and deadlines.  
    Latin 1  NJC2 492S 7M69H 
    Latin 2  KX57-N8TS-QPP7N, FHS 5WKD G3Q6 N6ZXZ 
    Latin 3  JV2D DKFH MWJW7, RZKT 2MNX SRP8J 
    Latin 4 Honors  VTBJ 94CM XQRZG, CPKK NPFX J6R2S 
    Dual Enrollment Latin 5   NQ6H NQ6C QFD92 
    Advanced Placement Latin  RN8N 2B2J P85CK 
    In order to view assessments, dates and scores, please refer to Parent Vue.  


    25450 Riding Center Drive  |  Chantilly, Virginia  20152 
    (703) 957 4300  telephone  |  (703) 542 2086  facsimile 
    dtrembla@lcps.org  |  @OvidiiDiscip  #aquilae  (Twitter)