• American History 1865-Present 


    During 7th grade American History we discus a wide range of topics, stories, and people. The areas of study we cover in 7th grade are the post-Civil War Era and Reconstruction, the Turn of the Century (Industrial Revolution, Rise of Big Business, & Immigration) Spanish-American War, World War I, Roaring 20's and the Great Depression, World War II, the 1950s to 60s, 1970s to 80s, and the 1990s to today. 

    During this class we strive to understand the stories of how people and events are connected. How the events of WWI are connected to WWII, how the events of the Roaring 20's are connected to the Great Depression, how the end of WWII is connected to the Cold War, and how America's involvement in the Cold War is connected to the technologies of today.

    Students are expected to treat others with respect and respect the thoughts and feelings of their classmates.

    The great thing about History is that there are many ways to look at one topic, so please ask questions and offer your opinion.
    If you happen to miss class, it is your responsibility to see Mr. Bauer about any work you need to make up and to get any notes you missed.
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