Mission Statement
    Robert W. Puterio
    Social Sciences and Global Studies Teacher
     Mr. Puterio has been with LCPS for 22 years.  He has taught at Potomac Falls since the opening in 1997, with a 2 year break to serve as the Assistant Athletic Director at Loudoun Valley HS from 2009-2011.  He has taught many of the Social Science courses offered at Potomac Falls, but has spent the last several years teaching an all Economics-based schedule.  He has also served as the Activities Coordinator, SCA Advisor, Wrestling coach, and Softball coach over the last 20 years. Mr. Puterio has lived in Loudoun County since 1979, is a Broad Run HS alumni and currently lives in Ashburn with his wife, 2 children, and dog. 
    This Page has SCHEDULE Information and RETAKE Policy ONLY  
    See side bar for course information link (VISION).  All Assignments, Syllabus Information and coursework can be found by clicking the link to the appropriate course on the left.  No Assignment information will be posted on this page.
    An effort is being made to create a new Google Classroom environment, beginning with Semester economics.  Notification will be made through StudentVue if when this new system goes LIVE and replaces the Semester Economics VISION environment.
    Semester Economics- Syllabus
    Google Classroom- All Assignments, Presentations, Agendas, and Calendar can be found here
    VISION Links- Study Guides and keys are archived here.  Login with Student ID number and password.  Search for PFHS Economics.
    AP Economics- AP Econ Syllabus
    Google Classroom- All Class information and calendar can be found here.  Search for Puterio-AP Economics
    Email is the best communication tool based on schedules.
    2019-20 Schedule:
    Block 1   AP Economics (205)                                      Block 5   Semester Economics (205)
    Block 2   Semester Economics (205)                          Block 6   AP Economics (205)
    Block 3   Department Planning (204)                         Block 7   Economics (205) 
    Block 4   Block 8 Planning/Duty                                 Block 8   Planning / Duty (204)
    Every effort is made to be available by 815 AM for extra help, in room 205.  
    Retake Policy:
    All units of study in semester and AP level courses will be broken into sections. The retake policy for both courses is as follows:
    Step 1:  Student takes section quiz on date assigned.  Score is returned to student.
    Step 2:  Student takes Unit Assessment when assigned.  Unit assessment will be broken into sections that mirror the section quizzes.  If student does better on section of unit assessment, original quiz score will be replaced.  The new score will be reported for both the quiz and the Unit Test.  at this time, the quiz score is now "locked."
    Step 3:  If student would like to retake any section of the unit assessment, they may do so at an assigned time, usually during the next PRIROARITIES period or at 8:15 AM.  A time will be scheduled with the teacher to do the retake work unless a rigid schedule has already been set for that retake.  Once retake is complete, the retake score will replace the Unit Assessment section score only.
    Step 4:  Students may request additional retakes on a case by case basis with the instructor. 
    At Potomac Falls, we value building relationships, working hard, and making connections to ensure students are life, college, and career ready.
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