PE team

    Physical Education Department 
    Welcome to the Physical Education Department. Mrs. Brown-Berry, Mr. Gintert and Mr. Lemp are excited to be teaching your child(ren). Your child(ren) will experience traditional and innovative activities throughout the school year, and learn health and fitness concepts. 


    If you need to contact one of us, please click on name of teacher to email:

    Thanks for Visiting!!! 

     P.E. REMINDERS…. 
    -Please have your child wear or bring sneakers and comfortable clothing to school on days that they have P.E. 
    -If your child is unable to participate in P.E. due to illness or injury, please send a note.  If they will be out more than one week, please send in a doctor's note (or the doctor may fax it to 703 542-2340) 
    Loudoun County Public Schools is participating in a grant this year for physical education called Focused Fitness.  The program is aimed at teaching students the importance of balancing a healthy diet and physical activity.  Our goal is to begin educating students in elementary school about the consequences of unhealthy lifestyles and benefits of a healthy one so as they grow and develop they are able to take better care of their bodies. 

Last Modified on August 22, 2023