• Hello!  Welcome to 5th Grade!

     Please check our grade level page for extra practice and review information. Our pace and rigor will be challenging, and it will be important for the students to practice and study beyond the homework to achieve their best. Our Math and Social Studies curriculums will be new this year. Look for more information on accessing support materials as the year goes on. We will notify you via email or remind when we receive new materials.

    The "Nine Week Plans" page will outline our planned units of study as we progress through the year. Pacing may vary depending on student progress and the weather.
    Fifth Grade will be team teaching again this year. It will be very important for each student to be as organized as possible. Agendas will be our daily means of communication between home and school. Each student will be responsible for recording their homework and any special information.
    A sample of weekly homework in 5th grade may look like:
       - Math (4 practice problems) Monday - Thursday
       - Focused Independent Reading varies depending on
       - Review notes or study guides - depending on
         upcoming assessments in Science, Social Studies, Math, Language Arts
       - Enrichment and Remediation resources are available
         from the Fifth Grade Web Links page
    Please initial the agenda daily to facilitate the home/school connection.

    Website Links Disclaimer

    The 5th grade team has listed some of our favorite website links on our web pages. The content of these links is not controlled by Loudoun County Public Schools. While we reviewed the links when they were inserted, the content may change. If you find any linked home page content you consider inappropriate, please bring the matter to the attention of the building principal. Remember that the outside source Web page may link to other pages that have not been reviewed; explore at your own risk.





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