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       I’m excited to return to KWC as a Resource Specialist. I have served children and adults for over 30 years in a variety of public and private organizations. I joined the Loudoun Public School team in 2001, working at Leesburg Elementary School. 

       Using alternative strategies, I like to promote holistic learning with an emphasis on language and socialization.  I have met Virginia’s Highly Qualified mandates for grades K though 5 and have a special interest in science and math. Most recently, I completed the NASA STEM teacher program focusing on teaching alternative energy methods and promoting ecology. In 2014, our class was awarded the National Pioneer Award in STEM education, needless to say, " We love science!"


       As the project moves forward to recognize the importance of the art within the service design to become S.T.E.A.M. We will continue to serve as resources for the state committee for the ongoing development of the standards schools and teachers will meet in this area to be world leaders for tomorrow.I will also continue to serve as resource contact for our state, Behavior and Health Care Service Department,on the international committee representing the United States team for the Intensity Support Assessment and Rating Scale, with other medical and educational experts to promote equity in support services.  I am a member of the P.T.O. and enjoy teaching after school programs.

       I attended James Madison University and have a Masters degree in Special Education, Bachelor's of Science, an Associate's degree in Business and Marketing Management. I continue my memberships with the NEA, ARC, CHADD and the AUTISM Society. I continue to serve as a resource for nonprofit organizations; helping families and people with disabilities at the local and state levels.


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