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    All procedures are in place to facilitate the safety of students, cars and staff.  We greatly appreciate your help with these guidelines to help us ensure student safety.  

    When dropping your child off in the morning:
    -Please pull you car forward as far as possible in the line.  If you are the first car in the line, please pull forward to the yellow cone on the sidewalk (in front of the music room doors).  
    -Please have your child exit on the right side of the car (the same side as the sidewalk).  
    -Please remain in the car line, behind those in front of you.  Please do not pull out of the line after your child has gotten out of the car.  Remain in the line the entire time, as you continue to exit the car line and school.
    - To ensure the safety of all, please use the crosswalk if you are parking in the lot during arrival and dismissal.
    When picking your child up from school in the afternoon:
    -Have your assigned number in the window.  Car riders can get an assigned number for end-of-day-pick-up from the front office.  You will receive a card that identifies you as an authorized pick-up person. The card must be displayed as you enter the pick-up area.  
    -Remain in the line for the entire time.  Please do not pull out of line after your child has gotten into the car.
    -Your child should enter the car on the right side of the car, along the curb.  Please remain in your car and a staff member will bring your child to the car.
Last Modified on August 28, 2018