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    Here at Steuart Weller Elementary technology plays an integral role in your child's education. For the 2018-19 school year, our school is getting an exciting technology refresh! All 3rd-5th grade students will be assigned an Individual Learning Device to support their learning, both inside the classroom and at home. K-2 classrooms will have 5 chromebooks and 5 iPads in each classroom. We also have a class set of chromebooks and iPads to support certain activities. Technology is an exciting part of the world we live in and with this comes the responsibility of being a good citizen, both on and offline. Please continue the conversation at home with your child about what it means to be a good Digital Citizen.  
    This year, we are also in the process of redesigning our old computer lab into an Innovation Lab where students can come to collaborate, explore, and create. If you would like to donate to this ongoing effort, please click here to make your donation!
    Updated Lab Space
Last Modified on December 10, 2018