2019 SEAC Recognition Award Nominating form

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 Nominating Form 

  SEAC 2019 Recognition for Excellence in Supporting Special Education

** Nomination Form **


2019 Recognition for Excellence in Supporting Special Education  


Date of Nomination (must be submitted before midnight on March 29, 2019):  

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General Instructions and Guidance for Submitting a Strong Nomination

Each nomination should reflect at least one of the criteria listed below for the relevant category: 


Educator/Staff (includes teacher assistants, therapists, related services, administrators, etc.): Any educator, support staff or administrator who has provided innovative or consistently outstanding services to advance the success of LCPS special education students in at least one of the following ways:


  1. Demonstrates a special educational or training accomplishment that is beyond the requirements of their job description, such as:
  • Outstanding passion and commitment to the field of special education (provide examples)


  • Providing school leadership in developing or carrying out instructional or social practices to promote achievement and meaningful participation of special education students


  • Exceptional teaching practices in the classroom (special education or general education) which enable achievement and meaningful participation of special education students (e.g. classroom organization, differentiated instruction, instructional accommodation, peer helping strategies, social skills development, management of behavior)


  • Ability to use a range of approaches to learning and uses creative and innovative ways to arouse curiosity, challenge students' thinking and engage them actively in learning 


  1. Provides outstanding support for special education at the administrator level through the school’s policies and practices that:
  • Create a culture of valuing, sharing and celebrating special education within the school community


  • Ensure that all students, including students with disabilities, are encouraged and welcomed in all before and after school activities, and have the support and other means to make this participation accessible and a good experience for all.


Student/Peer or Group/Team: An LCPS student who has made an outstanding contribution to school objectives, programs or activities in one or more of the following ways: 


  1. Actively participates in school programs that increase peer acceptance, involvement and support of individual differences.


  1. Demonstrates leadership in student activities to promote a spirit of caring, belonging and cooperation among the student body that involves students with disabilities as equal and valuable participants in the daily life of the school.


Program: A school based program that has demonstrated outstanding results in promoting success of special education students through the cooperative efforts of school administration, general staff, special education staff, parents and students. 


Parent: A volunteer or other parent who has made an outstanding contribution to the LCPS special education community in one or more of the following ways: 


  1. Dissemination of valuable, accurate and reliable information to staff and/or parents that improves the educational environment for all students with disabilities.


  1. Planning and conducting staff or parent training programs.


  1. Providing support to school programs by organizing volunteers or providing direct in-school assistance.


  1. Providing support to parents through participation in group meetings, PTO/PTA functions or other relevant community events.


Community: An individual, member or business in the surrounding or business community that provides unique support, advocacy and assistance to students and families with disabilities that:


  1. Enhances the student’s access to school-based educational and social experiences.


  1. Promotes acceptance, integration and celebration of students with differences.


  1. Gives students with disabilities opportunities to be in front and in leadership and other visible roles in ways that highlight the student’s strengths and talents to the entire community.














Enter at least 1 response and no more than 3 responses.



Select at least 1.


(Optional): You may attach up to 10 photos and/or a short video that helps illustrate the excellence described above. Note that photos and videos are not expected or necessary for your nomination to be given full and serious consideration. Photos and/or videos will only be viewed by the SEAC awards committee in the context of evaluating this nomination. Should your nominee be selected as an award recipient, we may ask permission to use an attached photo and/or video during the awards ceremony. The photos and/or short video should be emailed to drcarolwn@gmail.com 


Be sure to hit the “DONE” button by the deadline. Nominations may not be edited once they are submitted. Nominations submitted after the deadline will not be reviewed or considered. Nominations will be reviewed and award recipients will be selected by SEAC. SEAC will not notify all nominees of their nomination, though nominators are free to share their nomination/statement with the nominee. Winners will be notified by SEAC between April 26 – May 3rd.


THANK YOU for taking the time to make a nomination and for your effort to support and increase excellence in special education throughout LCPS.


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