Return to School 2021 Planning

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    UPDATE: On February 2, 2021, the Loudoun County School Board voted to re-initiate Stages 1 through 3 of the in-person learning model for all Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) students who chose hybrid learning for the second semester on Tuesday, February 16.   

    Students in stages 1 through 3 include: 

    • Students whose parents chose hybrid learning for the second semester in grades preschool through fifth grade.
    • Monroe Advanced Technical Academy students. 
    • Academy of Engineering and Technology seniors and Academy of Science seniors who chose hybrid learning.
    • Grades K-12 English learners, proficiency levels 1.0 - 1.9
    • Students with disabilities who receive instruction through the Aligned Standards of Learning (ASOL) and those receiving instruction through specialized self-contained programs. Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) through returning graduates, are eligible to receive up to four days of in-person instruction as determined by their IEP team.



    The School Board further voted to initiate Stage 4 of the in-person learning model for all students who chose hybrid learning for the second semester no later than Wednesday, March 3. Stage 4 includes middle and high school students who selected hybrid learning for the second semester.

    The School Board directed staff to consider all three core indicators and implement the Risk Matrix for In-Person Learning to determine learning modality for all students. The motion adopted by the School Board authorizes the superintendent to implement 100% distance learning should COVID-19 transmission occur within particular classes, a school or schools. This action supersedes previous motions adopted by the School Board.

    In preparation for the resumption of hybrid learning on February 16, the LCPS Department of Support Services is installing student and staff sneeze guards at all desks to supplement existing health mitigation measures. The existing measures include:

    • Wearing masks and observing 6 feet of physical distancing in all LCPS facilities, including buses.
    • Students and staff completing a daily symptom checker before being allowed to attend school. 
    • Health-mitigation monitors checking to see that health-mitigation practices are followed in LCPS facilities. 
    • Each LCPS school will have a Care Room that is separate from the Health Office. The Care Room will be used only for students and staff exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. 
    • Frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces. 

    The LCPS Department of Digital Innovation also has installed thermal cameras at the most-used entrance to each school. These cameras can scan up to 45 individuals per second and are set to identify individuals with a temperature at or exceeding 100.4 degrees. 

    For complete details about mitigation measures, please view the Hybrid Model in Stages Implementation Guide

Last Modified on February 9, 2021