First Quarter 
    Unit 1: Disasters, Accidents, and Health
    • Natural disasters and rescues

    -Discuss how these events occurred in the past

    -Discuss the rescues of these events.

    -Discuss what was happening when it occurred

    -Preterite and Imperfect comparisons
    • News
    -Discuss current weather and disaster news
    • Treatment and injuries
    -Discuss how an accident occurred
    -Discuss how to be treated for injury
    -Imperfect progressive (what WAS going on)
    2nd Quarter
    Unit 2: Recreation and Hobbies
    • Sports
    -Describe and discuss sporting events
    -discuss scores, ties, and plays
    -preterite stem changing verbs(sandalias)
    • Television and movies
    -describe movies and tv
    -discuss characters, actors, plots etc.
    -present perfect
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