•  Shopping Incentives
    Shopping Incentives are when a store or company gives you the opportunity to earn money for your school without it costing you anything more than you would normally spend on items you purchase for your family. Below are stores with programs that Tolbert participates in.

    Last year Tolbert received over $7,000 from local stores, and it didn’t cost any of you a penny. Just designate Tolbert as the school you want to receive credit for your purchases.
    Click HERE to view the Shopping Incentives Flyer.
    (You must designate every school year.) To link yourself go to the website listed below.

    Store: Website:
    Tolbert ID #

    Harris Teeter www.harristeeter.com 5872
    Click on Community/Together in Education…or tell cashier at checkout
    Target Credit Card www.target.com 117110
    Click on help take Charge of education

    Questions or comments? Please contact our coordinator:
    Rachel Bryson: brysonmom@yahoo.com
Last Modified on August 20, 2014