Where can you find out about NHS service opportunities?
    • Make sure you attend monthly meetings
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    • Sign up for Remind
    Community service hours performed during the summer count toward the 2021-2022 school year.  This applies to current members only.  Summer hours do not count if you were not an inducted member of NHS at the end of the 2021 school year.
    Members are required to perform 36 service hours per year, 10 of which are to be NHS specified events.  Review the service guidelines below.  Members are expected to know and adhere to these guidelines.  
    • A service hour must not benefit the NHS member nor the NHS member's family
    • The following are not considered community service hours:
      • Anything in which the NHS member will receive a grade or compensation (monetary or in-kind)
      • Attendance at club meetings since this is an obligation of membership and includes any club or activity in which the NHS member is involved.
      • Unless for a specific charitable purpose, participation in extra-curricular sports activities, whether as a member of the team or manager is not considered community service.  
      • Unless for a specific charitable purpose, participation in extra-curricular fine arts activities or performances is not considered community service.
    • Service hours not verified by a member of the LCHS staff or administration must also include an email verification.  This must be obtained by the member and attached to the hour's sheet when submitted.
    • Service hours performed prior to NHS acceptance may not be included
    • All tutoring hours must be done at LCHS and verified by a member of LCHS staff.  Private tutoring must be pre-approved by an NHS advisor. 


        September 18 - Downtown Leesburg - 



    Ongoing - Give Youth - Tutoring - Give Youth


    NOW - Shocktober 

    You’re invited to join our Shock Crew for Shocktober 2021!!  Shocktober is an AMAZING way to volunteer and give back to the community, as all proceeds support The Arc of Loudoun, which advocates for, educates, serves, and supports people with disabilities and their families.  Shocktober 2021 runs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from October 1st to October 30th. ALL volunteers must be at least 14 years old and are required to attend one of the two Ghoul Schools (no matter which position(s) (acting, makeup, parking, concessions, and all others):

     Ghoul School:

    • Saturday 9/11 from 1 pm to 5 pm
    • Sunday 9/12 from 1 pm to 5 pm

    Shocktober 2021 Hours:

    • Friday:  7 pm to 10 pm
    • Saturday: 7 pm to 10 pm
    • Sunday: 7 pm to 9 pm






Last Modified on September 13, 2021