• First quarter-español I  flamenco
    Leer, escribir, escuchar y hablar en espanol!  Read, write, listen, and speak Spanish!
    We will be using the Realidades I textbook/workbook
    Unit I: This is me!
  • Greetings, feelings, classroom commands, question words, and weather
  • Numbers and Calendar
  • Alphabet
  • Time
  • All about me: body, clothes, masculine/feminine nouns and adjectives, articles, subject pronouns, verbs: SER(TO BE) and TENER (TO HAVE)
  • Hobbies and Sports, -ar,-er,-ir verbs, gustar, agreement/disagreement


    Unit II: Discovering your surroundings

    • School: classroom items, locations with verb ESTAR, schedules, ordinal numbers, possessive adjectives
    • Food/Health: breakfast, lunch, dinner, exercising, staying healthy
    • Restaurant: foods, requesting food, food preferences, me gusta(n)/me encanta(n)
    • -ar, -er, -ir verb conjugations in the present tense