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    Classroom Expectations

    “Respeto y Responsabilidad”

    Sra. McGreehan, español 2009-10


    El curso/the course: To truly learn a language one must practice all of the skills associated with it: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  This course will continually develop and reinforce these four elements of language use.  We will also examine and explore Hispanic/Latino culture through history, geography, literature, music, food, and videos.  The majority of the course will be conducted in español.


    La nota/your grade: Your grade will be based upon the following:

    • Quizzes and projects: usually about grammar or vocabulary- always announced except for homework/notebook quizzes (given at end of quarter to check organization): 50%
    • Classwork: will be randomly collected and assigned for a grade: 30%
    • Homework: given every night-will be checked almost  EVERY day and will randomly be collected and assigned a quiz  grade:10%
    • Participation/Effort: in order to become fluent you need to speak the language!  For many this is the most difficult skill but tranquílate, you are in a safe environment with others who are trying to learn too!  Your Spanish does not have to be perfect… The more you practice the better you will be! 10%

    *If a student uses an online translator or the help of a native speaker, they will earn a zero as this a direct violation of the honor code.  A second offense will result in a referral to the administration.*


    MUY IMPORTANTE: I do not accept late homework or projects.  If I do not have it at the beginning of your class period you will receive a 0!

    Also, if you are absent on the day of a test or quiz you have five school days beginning the day you return to make it up.   If you fail to do so you will receive a 0!  I will not chase after you and remind you about this.  You are young adults and I expect you to be responsible students.


    El comportamiento/behavior: Now that you are in high school I don’t expect this to be a problem…All I ask of you is to respect me, your classmates, and most importantly, yourself.  Please familiarize yourself with the school handbook and its rules as they will be upheld in this class.  You are expected to know the school’s policies on headgear, electronic devices, the honor code, attitude, and dress code.  Be on time!  Any problem or violation will result in an invitation to a clinic on your time and/or a phone call home.

    Students will receive two bathroom passes each quarter in case of an emergency.  They must give me the pass in order to leave the room.  If they do not use their passes during the quarter they can turn them in for extra credit towards classwork.


    Materiales/supplies: You will need to bring the following to each class:

    ·         Folder for Spanish only                          

    ·         Notebook (3 or more subjects)  or binder for Spanish only

    ·         Pens

    ·         Book cover                                        

    ·         Textbook                                   

    ·         Workbook

    ·         Spanish/English dictionary for home use

    ·         Student agenda



    ·         The best resource is a Spanish-English dictionary-look for one that has examples of words used in context when you look up a word.

    ·         Verb book: 501 Spanish Verbs by Christopher Kendris, Ph.D. and Theodore Kendris, Ph.D. (highly recommended for español III)

    ·         Textbook website: www.PHSchool.com, use designated web codes from textbook pages for practice activities….great for review!


    Ayuda/help:Language resource room: I will be available for extra help and make-up work on B days at 7th period (your lunch period) in room 506.  You may bring your lunch and get extra help or make up work during this time.   I will also be available Monday afternoons by appointment.  I want you all to be successful so please take advantage of extra help….don’t let yourself fall behind!   ¡BUENA SUERTE!


     My e-mail address: Lauren.Mcgreehan@lcps.org     

     School phone number: 571-434-4400



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    I have read and understood the Classroom Expectations.  I will work and do my best to attain academic success.


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