• 6th Grade Quarterly Health & PE Units

    Time Frame

    PE Unit (PE SOL)

    Health Unit (Health SOL)

    5 for Life

    1st Quarter

    September & October

    Fitness Testing  (6.2a-c, 6.3a, b)

    Cooperative Games (6.4a-f)

    Frisbee Golf (6.1 a, c, d, 6.2a-c)

    Ultimate Frisbee (6.1 a, c, d, 6.2 a-d, 6.4a-f)


    Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Sleep (6.1a-c, 6.2a, b, 6.3 b, c)

    Mental and Emotional Health (6.1 k, p, 6.2 f, g, k, o, p, 6.3 d, i, l, m, o, s)



    Goal Setting (PE 6.3a, b, d, e, f, g, 6.4c)

    Heart Rate Review (PE 6.3c, 6.4b

    Intensity Levels Review (PE 6.3a, h, 6.4b)

    Fitness Planning - Portfolio: CRE and the FITT principle (PE 6.3a-h)


    2nd Quarter


    Floor Hockey/Skating (6.1 a, c, d, 6.2 a-d, 6.4d-f)

    Small Sided/Modified Volleyball (6.1 a, c, d, 6.2 a-d, 6.4a-f)

    Team Handball(6.1 a, c, d, 6.2 a-d, 6.4a-f)

    Appalachian Trail


    Social Health and Relationships (Media, Social Networking included) (6.1 h, o, q, 6.2 c, e, l, n, 6.3 j, k, n)

    Communication and Problem Solving (6.2m, n, 6.3 p-r)


    Fitness Planning - Portfolio: MS/ME, Body Composition, Flexibility and the FITT principle (PE 6.3a,b, d-h)

    (CrossFit, circuit training, yoga, pilates, stretching, etc.)

    Fitness Planning - Portfolio for Nutrition (PE 6.5a,c) (H 6.1 b, c, 6.2a, 6.3a, c)

    3rd Quarter

    End of January-March

    Racquet Sports (Pickleball, Badminton, Ping Pong, and/or Speedminton) (6.1 a, c, d, 6.2 a-d, 6.4a-f)

    Basketball(6.1 a, c, d, 6.2 a-d, 6.4a-f)

    Rhythm & Dance(6.1 a-c, 6.2 b, 6.4d-f)

    Disease Prevention (6.1d, 6.3b, e, f, h)

    Substance Abuse Prevention and Safe Use of Medications (6.1e, f, 6.2d, h, 6.3r)



    Bones for Life (PE 6.2b,c)

    Muscles for Life (PE 6.2c, 6.3a)


    4th Quarter

    April - June

    Track(6.1 a, c, d, 6.2 a-d, 6.4a-f)

    Soccer(6.1 a, c, d, 6.2 a-d, 6.4a-f)

    Orienteering(6.1 a,c,d, 6.2 b, 6.4a-f)

    Softball(6.1 a,c,d, 6.2 a-d, 6.4a-f)

    Fitness Testing

    Safety and Emergency Preparedness (6.1h, i, 6.2 i, 6.3g)

    Injury and Violence Prevention (6.1l, m, n, 6.2f,g, j, m, 6.3g, q)

    Environmental Health (6.1r, 6.3t, u)



    Fitness Planning - Portfolio for Nutrition, Hydration & Sleep (PE 6.5a,c) (H 6.1a-c, 6.2a, b, 6.3 b, c)

    Fitness Planning - Portfolio for CRE for Life (PE 6.3a-h)

    *FLE is dependent upon individual school schedules

    *Skill testing during each unit for all grade levels should be progressive and not the same from year to year. 

    *D.A.R.E. /G.R.E.A.T.  in 6th grade also covers SOLs  (H 6.1 f, j-q, 6.2 f-h, j, k, m, 6.3 i, p-r)