7th Grade Quarterly Health & PE Units

    Time Frame

    PE Unit (PE SOL)

    Health Unit (Health SOL)

    5 for Life (5FL SOL)

    1st Quarter

    September & October

    Fitness Testing (7.2a, 7.3b)

    Cooperative Games (7.1a, e,f; 7.2b-d; 7.4a-h;)

    Ultimate (Football, Frisbee, etc) (7.1a, b, e,f; 7.2a-d; 7.4a-h; 7.5a-d, f)

    Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Sleep

     (N=7.1e,g, 7.2d-h, 7.3d-f;PA=7.1a-c, 7.2a-c, 7.3a-c; S=7.1d, 7.2i,j, 7.3f)

    Mental and Emotional Health

    (7.1, p; 7.2p-s; 7.3p, q)


    Heart Rate Review (7.5a,b,c,f)

    Intensity Levels Review (7.3b; 7.5c, f)

    Fitness Planning - Portfolio: CRE and the FITT principle (7.3a-c,e,f; 7.5a,b,c)

    2nd Quarter


    Volleyball; Team Handball; Speedball; Tchoukball (7.1a, b, e,f; 7.2a-d; 7.4a-h; 7.5a-d, f)

    Social Health and Relationships;

    (7.1k, q-s; 7.2n,o, t-v; 7.3i,m,n,r)

    Communication and Problem Solving

     (media, social networking included)

    (7.1j, t; 7.2k; 7.3j-l)



    Fitness Planning - Portfolio: MS/ME and the FITT Principle (7.3a-c,e,f; 7.5a,b,c)

    Portfolio: Flexibility, Body Composition and the FITT principle (CrossFit, circuit training, yoga, pilates, stretching, etc.)

    (7.3a-c,e,f; 7.5a,b,c)

    3rd Quarter

    End of January-March

    Basketball; Racquet Sports (Pickleball,Tennis, Badminton, Ping Pong, and/or Speedminton) (7.1a, b, e,f; 7.2a-d; 7.4a-h; 7.5a-d, f)

    Rhythm & Dance (7.1d-f; 7.2a-d; 7.3a; 7.4a-h; 7.5a,b)

    Disease Prevention

    (7.1h, m; 7.2l**,m; 7.3 g,h)

    Substance Abuse Prevention (7.1i)

    Safe Use of Medications




    Fitness Planning - Portfolio for  Nutrition (7.3a, d; 7.5d, e, g, h)

    Bones for Life (7.3a,d)

    Muscles for Life (7.2a; 7.3a)


    4th Quarter

    April - June

    Track; Soccer; Lacrosse; Softball (7.1a, b, e,f; 7.2a-d; 7.4a-h; 7.5a-d, f)

    Orienteering (7.1a, e,f; 7.2b-d; 7.4a-h;)

    Fitness Testing (7.2a)

    Safety and Emergency Preparedness

    (7.1n; 7.3t)

    Injury and Violence Prevention

    (7.1o, u, v; 7.2l; 7.3o, s)

    Environmental Health (7.1f, w; 7.3u)


    Fitness Planning - Portfolio for Nutrition, Hydration & Sleep (7.3a,d; 7.5d, e,g,h)


    Fitness Planning - Portfolio for CRE for Life (7.3a-c,e,f; 7.5a,b ,c)


    *FLE is dependent upon individual school schedules

    *Skill testing during each unit for all grade levels should be progressive and not the same from year to year. 

    **7.2l—can be discussed in both 3rd and/or 4th quarter Health