Welcome to U.S. Government

    Teacher:  Ms. Nichols        

    E-mail:  knichols@lcps.org

    Dominion High School: 571-434-4400

    Welcome to U.S. Government!  This class is designed with the purpose of providing you with an understanding of the institutions, underlying principles and factors that influence the United States Government. The following units will be covered during the course of the school year:

    First Quarter
    Foundations of Government
    Origins of Government

    Second Quarter

    Political Parties

    The Electoral Process

    Voters & Voting Behavior

    Mass Media & Public Opinion


    Third Quarter

    The Presidency


    Financing Government

    The Courts

    Civil Liberties

    Moot Courts


    Fourth Quarter

    Interest Groups

    Lobbying Project

    State & Local Governments

    End of Year Project


    GRADING:  All grades earned will be reflected in percentages. Grades for each quarter will be weighted in the following manner:

    50% - Assessments (Tests, quizzes, projects & major writing assignments)
    15% - Homework
    35% -Participation and class activities  





    BOOK & BINDER: YOU MUST BRING YOUR BOOK and 3-RING BINDER EVERYDAY!!!   You are expected to maintain a separate binder for U.S. Government, which will be used on a daily basis. It will contain everything you will need to participate in class. Therefore, if you do not bring it you will not be able to participate to your best ability. Your binder will be your portable office and it must be neat and organized at all times! Periodic binder checks will be made throughout the year as part of your participation grade. Some will be announced while others will not.  

    AGENDAS: YOU MUST BRING YOUR AGENDA EVERYDAY!!! You are expected to use this as an organizational tool where you will record all assignments and due dates on a daily basis.

    TESTS & QUIZZES: You are expected to prepare for and complete all tests and quizzes. Unit tests will be given when we complete each unit.  Quizzes will be given periodically. A midterm test will be given at the end of the first semester and possibly a final exam at the end of the year if you have not scored the necessary grade for an exemption. 

    ABSENCES & MAKE-UP WORK: It is your responsibility to find out what you missed during an absence so you do not fall behind. You are expected to check the While You Were Out folder hanging next to the door to see what you need to make up. All missing assignments must be handed in by the next class period.

    HOMEWORK: Homework is mandatory. You are expected to record assignments in your agenda and complete them on time. All homework is due at the beginning of the following class.

     ***Incomplete assignments:  You will have two days to turn in late homework. There will be a 10% reduction from the assignment’s grade for each day late.

    BELLRINGERS: Each class begins with a Bellringer. Bellringers are daily activities designed to take only a few minutes and to help review material covered in a previous class. You will find them on the Promethean board and are expected to begin the Bellringer immediately upon entering the class.

    EXTRA HELP: Additional help is available during your Titan Time. You are also invited to make an appointment with me for after school or join me during Homework Club on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in room L503.

Last Modified on September 12, 2011