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    WORKS CITED Based on MLA

      Step 1: Format the page for:  New Times Roman, 12 point, Double Space lines with no spaces after each paragraph and use Hanging Indent.

      Step 2: Center the words: Works Cited at the top of the page (do not use bold print).

      Step 3: Move cursor to the left side of the page using Align Text Left Icon.

      Step 4: List sources alphabetically using the first letter of the first word in the citation. Following the MLA citation format shown below as explained on the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) Website:

     "When deciding how to cite your source, start by consulting the list of core elements. These are the general pieces of information that MLA suggests including in each Works Cited entry. In your citation, the elements should be listed in the following order" using punctuation shown (with examples):

    1. Author. (Last, First. OR IF TWO Last, First and First Last. OR > 3 Last, First, et al.)
    2. "Title of source." ("Article Title." OR "Song Title." OR "Chapter Title.")
    3. Title of container, (Book Title, OR Magazine or Newspaper Title, OR Album Title, OR Website Title,)
    4. Other contributors, (editors)
    5. Version, (edition)
    6. Number, (use vol. OR no. for volume or issue numbers)
    7. Publisher,
    8. Publication date, (01 Jan. 2017, OR Jan. 01, 2017, must be consistent with style)
    9. Location. (p. #. OR pp, #-#. for page number(s) or URL as active link, don't need http:// or https://)
    Russell, Tony, et al. "MLA Formatting and Style Guide." The Purdue OWL. Purdue U Writing Lab, 2 Aug. 2016,  

              For help creating your citations use:       

    • Select Create Citation box, select MLA, choose type of resource, choose auto-fill mode, type ISBN, click Search.
    • Select correct title, review information, click Create Citation.
    • Copy and paste  the citation onto your Works Cited page. (Times New Roman and 12 pt.)
    • Select I Only Want to Create Citations box, MLA, choose type of resource, type ISBN, click Cite It.
    • Select correct title, click Cite This,
    • Review information, click Create Citation.
    • Copy and paste to Works Cited page (Font: Times New Roman & Size: 12 pt.)
    Purdue Online Writing Lab (Purdue OWL):


    • Choose MLA Works Cited Page: Basic Format or Sample MLA Works Cited Page