• Module grades include:
                                           12 - RCA Questions
                                           12 - Written Assessments questions
                                                          10 -  Post Test Questions
     RCA Questions
    • RCA stands for Research, Challenge, and Application, and refers to the types of questions students are asked.
    • Research question - requires students to use the provided textbooks to find the answers.
    • Challenge question - requires students to interpreting graphs and charts.
    • Application question - requires students to use mathematical formulas to solve word problems.
    • There are 12 RCA questions each worth 10 points for a total of 120 points for RCA's 
    • Points out of 120 divided by 120 = percentage grade shown in Phoenix.
    • Students work with their module partner to complete RCAs, but each student records his or her own answers.
     Written Assessments
    • There are 7 sessions/activities per module. During 3 of those sessions the student will have to answer 12 assessment questions related to the activities during those 3 sessions.
    • Each question is worth 5 points x 12 questions = 60 points for assessment questions.
    • Points out of 60 divided by 60 = percentage grade shown in phoenix
    Post Test
    • The post test is 10 questions and is related to what the student has been studying in the module.
    • Students are given a post test on the 7th session. 
    • Each question is worth 10 points for a total of 100 point for the post test.
Last Modified on August 25, 2016