• First Quarter

    1. Solve absolute value equations & Inequalities.
    2. Recognize multiple representations of functions: linear, quadratic, absolute value, and piecewise
    3. Find domain and range of more complex graphs
    4. Collect and analyze date to make predictions & solve practical problems using best fit equations 
    5. Select, justify and apply a technique to solve a quadratic equation over the set of complex numbers.
    6. Perform operations on complex numbers & express the results in a simpliest form


    Second Quarter

    1. Identify & factor polynomials completely
    2. Continuation of polynomial functions & equations
    3. Investigate & describe the relationships between the solution of an equation, zero of a function, x-intercept of a graph, & factors of a polynomial expression
    4. Understand the use of Roots, Radicals and Exponents for expressions, equations and graphs.


    Third Quarter

    1. Add, subtract, multiply, divide & simiplify radical expressions
    2. Solve equations containing rational expressions & equations
    3. Identify, create, & solve practical problems
    4. Find domain, range, zeros, & inverse of a functions


    Fourth Quarter

    1. Solve nonlinear systems of equations
    2. Recognize multiple representations of exponential  and logarithmic functions
    3. Sequences and Series
    4. Permutations and Combinations
    5. Using data and z-scores with a standard deviation to discuss a normal probability
    6. SOL review and Testing
Last Modified on September 8, 2011