• Math Analysis is an honors class; each student will receive an addition .5 to their GPA at the end of the school year (the grade in the class does not change).  This course will complete all the mathematics studied in high school and include differential calculus on a college level.  Math Analysis prepares the student to take Advanced Placement BS Calculus  (this is a two semester calculus course).
    Students should have access to a graphing calculator at home.
    Students will be provided with a homework sheet every chapter.  It will list all assignments and tests due during that chapter. 
    All grades are numerical and represent the actual points earned on that assessments.  Students will be graded on homework, quizzies, tests and projects.  Homework assignments will be worth five points, quizzies can range from ten to fifty points and tests will be worth hundred points.
    I am available before school every morning at 7:30 except Tuesday to assist students or for make-up work.  I am also available after school with an appointment. 
Last Modified on August 27, 2010