• Dominion School-Within-A-School Program Model

     Philosophy/Mission Statement

    Dominion High School Mission Statement


     Each and every Dominion High School student will…

     …accept the challenge of leadership for today and tomorrow.

     …display courtesy, character, and integrity in all situations.

     …respect the rights of every member of our diverse community.

     …serve the community as a responsible citizen and positive role model.

     …work hard to achieve academic excellence


    Program Philosophy


    The School-Within-a-School program is designed to provide a safe and supportive environment to students with behavioral challenges based on their individual needs. The program provides a continuum of services, from general education monitoring of student progress to a full-day placement. The focus of the School-Within-a-School program is to provide the intensive behavioral strategies necessary for all students to be successful in the general education setting. 


    Program Components:

    Chance/Time-out Area

    ·        Staffed all day by teacher and/or assistant

    ·        Students may receive passes without penalty

    ·        Problem solving procedure processed in writing

    ·        Record of use

    ·        School-based crisis team with all members trained in Mandt.

    ·        Crisis plan defining steps and responsibilities

    Social Skills Instruction

    ·        Teacher will provide a set schedule of Social Skills classes

    ·        Transition teacher support

    ·        Varied Curriculum and approaches

    ·        Group Meetings


    Behavior Management Structure

    ·        Program Level System

    ·        Daily Point System

    ·        Contingency Contracting

    ·        Daily Home Contact Note as needed



    Clinical Team

    ·                    Purpose- to support the teachers in their efforts to provide

    appropriate educational strategies and consistent behavioral management techniques in the classroom. Team members may conduct observations, informal assessments, assist in the development of FAB/BIP’s, and make connections with outside agencies, as needed.

    ·                    Meets twice monthly with a pre-planned agenda

    ·                    A course of action is decided for each student discussed.

    ·        Members of the clinical team include the individual students; case manager,  the School Within a School teacher, social worker, psychologist, administrative personnel, classroom assistant and any and all general education teachers that are involved with the student, as well as Special Education specialists and supervisors when deemed necessary.

    ·        Students involved in the Clinical Team process will, when deemed appropriate, participate in group sessions led by one or more of the team members to address Social Skills.


    Continuum of Services:


    Self-Contained Program

    ·        This service is designed for students who are in need of intense behavioral management programming and social skills training. These students will follow the curriculum that has been prescribed by the Individual Educational Plan in the School-within-a School classroom.

    ·        This service offers credit recovery with consultation and on-site rotation of general education teachers when needed.


     Part-Time Program

    ·        This service is designed to meet the needs of students who are taking classes in both the School-within-a School and in the general education program. These students most often receive social skills training while they are transitioning to a less restrictive educational environment.

    ·        This service offers credit recovery and pullout for individualized assistance if needed.


                General Education Monitoring

    ·        This service is designed to assist the student who takes all general education courses. These students receive behavioral and educational monitoring on a regular basis to assure their ongoing success.


Last Modified on September 24, 2009