• COURSE TITLE: Health and Physical Education – Grade 7


    DESCRIPTION: Students are offered a variety of challenging learning and physical activities with an emphasis on lifetime health and wellness. The 7th grade Health & Physical Education program is offered every other day. Virginia Standards of Learning identify the following learning strands for Health & Physical Education:

    PE: Skilled Movement

    The student will demonstrate competence in modified versions of various game/sport, rhythmic, and recreational activities.

    Movement Principles and Concepts

    The student will understand and apply movement principles and concepts.

    Personal Fitness

    The student will apply concepts and principles of training to improve physical fitness.

    Responsible Behaviors

    The student will work independently and with others in cooperative and competitive physical activity settings.

    Physically Active Lifestyle

    The student will select and participate in physical activity to produce health-related benefits.

    HEALTH: Knowledge and Skills

    The student will use knowledge of health concepts to make decisions related to personal safety and wellness; will describe and exhibit the behaviors associated with a physically active and healthy lifestyles.

    Information Access and Use

    The student will investigate and analyze the various factors that guide an individual’s decisions about health and wellness.

    Community Health and Wellness

    The student will describe how family and community priorities influence an individual’s ability to reduce diseases and other health problems; will work cooperatively with others to support and promote healthy schools, families, and communities.

    PE TOPICS: Cooperative Games

    Lifetime Fitness Activities

    Individual and Dual Sports

    Team Sports

    Lifetime Recreational Activities

    Rhythmic Activities

    HEALTH TOPICS: Personal Safety and Wellness

    Active and Healthy Lifestyles

    Making Healthy Choices

    Personal and Community Health

    Promotional of Healthy Practices

    Family Life Education (FLE)