• COURSE TITLE: Health and Physical Education – Grade 8


    DESCRIPTION: Students are offered a variety of challenging learning and physical activities with an emphasis on lifetime health and wellness. The 8th grade Health & Physical Education program is offered every other day. Virginia Standards of Learning identify the following learning strands for Health & Physical Education:

    PE: Skilled Movement

    The student will demonstrate competence in one or more modified versions of various game/sport, rhythmic, and recreational activities; will perform skills in several game/sport, dance, and recreational activities.

    Movement Principles and Concepts

    The student will apply movement principles and concepts to specific sport, dance, and recreational skill performance.

    Personal Fitness

    The student will apply self-assessment skills to improve or maintain personal fitness.

    Responsible Behavior

    The student will work independently and with others in cooperative and competitive physical activity settings.

    Physically Active Lifestyle

    The student will demonstrate a physically active lifestyle, including activity within and outside of the physical education setting.

    HEALTH: Knowledge and Skills

    The student will analyze and evaluate the relationship between health-risk behaviors and the onset of health problems that can impact health and wellness during the adolescent years; apply health concepts and skills to the management of personal and family health; make choices that demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between nutrition and emotional and physical health.

    Information Access and Use

    The student will interpret and evaluate how health information, products, services, and agencies target adolescents.

    Community Health and Wellness

    The student will investigate and evaluate ways in which peers, families, and other community groups can work together to build a safe and healthy community.

    PE TOPICS: Cooperative Games

    Lifetime Fitness Activities

    Individual and Dual Sports

    Team Sports

    Lifetime Recreational Activities

    Rhythmic Activities

    HEALTH TOPICS: Health-Risk Behaviors

    Management of Personal and Family Health

    Relationship of Nutrition to Emotional and Physical Health

    Consumer Health

    Characteristics of Healthy Communities

    Family Life Education (FLE)