•   Assessment in Art 

    How is my child graded in art?
    It is important to know and understand that everyone is an artist!

    Below are the assessment descriptors and an explanation of the assessment you will find on your student's report card. 

    The assessment descriptors on the report card are:
    4-(E) Exceeds Standard
    3-(M) Meets Standard
    2-(P) Progressing to Standard
    1-(B) Below Standard


    Each art exploration involves a defined set of skills.  Individual assessments for each product are based on a rubric for the project; students are made aware of the individual expectations through classroom discussions.  The report card grade indicates a summary for all the skills taught within that quarter.

    4 - (E) Exceeds Standard                                  

    Your student consistently takes the lesson content and goes creatively further in their expression, independently.

      Student is demonstrating:

    • All Skills Independently
    • Levels of Risk-taking
    • Excellent Craftsmanship
    • High Level of Aesthetics (artistic judgement & choice)
    • Understanding & Implementation of Constructive Criticism (teacher, peer & self)

    3 - (M) Meets Standard                                    

    Your student is fulfilling the content requirements.

     Student is demonstrating:

    • Most Skills Independently
    • Good Craftsmanship
    • Knowledge of Aesthetics (artistic judgement & choice)
    • Acceptance of Constructive Criticism (teacher, peer or self)

    2 - (P) Progressing to Standard                          

    Your student is beginning to demonstrate the content requirements; the skill may be more difficult and require further practice.

      Student is demonstrating:

    • Skills with Significant Peer/Teacher Assistance
    • Developing Craftsmanship
    • Developing Knowledge of Aesthetics (artistic judgement & choice)
    • Developing Acceptance of Constructive Criticism (teacher, peer or self)

    1 - (B) Below Standard                                    

    Your student is not yet able to or refuses to demonstrate the lesson content without significant instructional support.

      Student is demonstrating:

    • Little to No Understanding of Skills
    • Little to No Concern of Craftsmanship
    • Little to No Knowledge of Aesthetics (artistic judgement & choice)
    • Little to No Acceptance of Constructive Criticism (teacher, peer or self)