Watercolor Batik Owls!
    Weaving is so fun!!
    Winter Landscapes 
    Model Magic Snowflakes 

    Third grade students created a work of art using their own photo! They created an artwork that communicates feeling. Students used the elements of design to express ideas, images & emotion! Take a peek at some of their fantastic artworks!
    The year 2014.... 
    Symmetrical Optical Illusion Names! So cool! 

    Still Life with chalk pastels!

    Third grade students created these amazing Birch Tree Winter Landscapes! They learned about making a landscape appear more realistic with the use of shading and shadow! We discussed the French artist Claude Monet’s winter Landscape titled, La Pie…which means “The Magpie”.

    So Fun! Mrs. Anderson's class created these "Potanimals" (Animals made from potatoes)!
    I just had to go in their classroom & check them all out...I saw so many very creative marine creatures!

    Third grade classes drew owls using symmetry. When they finished their drawings, they etched their owl designs onto a styrofoam printing plate to create a relief. The last process of our lesson was to use ink to create prints from the printing plate! Awesome...take a look!! 

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