Bienvenidos a la Clase de Español 2011-2012

    Dear Students, Parent(s), Guardian(s),


    ¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to Spanish! I am looking forward to getting to know you this year.


    Attached you will find a list of expectations, materials, grading system and make-up work policy for our Spanish class. Thank you for helping me creates a positive and productive learning environment by encouraging everyone in our class to actively and appropriately participate.


    As you know, learning a foreign language requires a substantial amount of study time. It is important to practice Spanish EVERYDAY. This year, all Spanish students have a wonderful opportunity to receive extra help during the school day. Students should take advantage of practicing and/or receiving extra assistance during their lunch shifts, especially on B Days when I will be available in Room L505. Of course, parents/guardians can also help at home by drilling students nightly on current vocabulary and/or verb forms. Knowledge of Spanish is not necessary. - Together we can all contribute to the success of our students!


    Thank you for your contribution and support. I look forward to working with you to ensure the academic success of each and every student in our class. Whenever you have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to contact me at school (571) 434-4400 or via my e-mail address: carlos.parra@lcps.org . If there is any way in which I can help you, my student, please arrange to meet with me before or after school.


    I look forward to meeting you, parents/guardians, at Parent Conference Night.





    Mr. Parra



    *      Respect yourself and others.

    *      Practice academic integrity.

    *      Be seated in the classroom with homework/materials ready when bell rings.

    *      Speak in Spanish 100%

    *      Come to class prepared and with a positive attitude.

    *      Participate actively and appropriately.

    *      Keep a make-up folder tor your classmate and check yours upon your return.


    ü  Realidades II text and workbook

    ü  3-ring binder with loose-leaf notebook paper

    ü  Blue or black pen, tor taking quizzes and tests

    ü  Other colored pen, tor correcting

    ü  Composition book

    ü  Index cards

    ü  Spanish-English dictionary (for home use)

    ü  USB memory

    ü  Box of tissues (optional, but appreciated!)

    ü  Bag of candy (optional, but much appreciated!)










    If a test or project is composed of two or more skills, the skill will be graded individually and recorded in the corresponding categories.

    I have devised this category system to help each and every student identity areas of strengths and weaknesses.

    Students are to keep track of their grades by recording them in their agendas!



    Homework will be given and checked every day, with few exceptions. Assignments that are 100 % complete according to instructions and on time will receive full credit. If the assignment is not complete or has not been turned in on time, the student will be invited to attend Resource in order to complete it with the help of the teacher. Those assignments complete during Resource time will receive half credit.

    If the student does not show up for Resource to complete the assignment, this will be considered a skipped clinic, since expectations will have to be re-taught, and the student will not receive credit for homework completed after the agreed upon Resource session.


    Every student will earn a daily participation grade based on the following guidelines:

    ·         Poner atención a la clase.

    ·         Participar activamente, en discusiones, aportes a la clase, juegos y demás actividades.

    ·         Hacer preguntas y responder a las preguntas, de ejercicios, y prácticas.

    ·         Colaborar a los compañeros y la clase, trabajos en grupo e individuales.

    ·         Uso del español durante la clase.

    ·         Explicar a la clase lo entendido durante una lección.

    ·         Modelar a sus compañeros de clase lo aprendido.

    ·         Intervenciones productivas en: lecturas, foros, juegos, debates…

    ·         Presentaciones orales, de trabajos en clase o tareas, como carteleras, escritos y demás.

    ·         Toma de apuntes.

    ·         Elaboración de trabajos en clase.

    ·         Buen comportamiento y disciplina en clase.


    AII make-up work must be completed within 5 days of your return to school. However, if a test, quiz, or project was announced prior to your absence, you are expected to take or present that assignment on the due date!

    You will be responsible for homework assigned, and announcements made during the class period When you are absent, upon your return to school, you need to come to Spanish class (during your Titan Time or before/after school if on an off-day) to collect the materials in your folder. Even when you miss a class period, you should try your best to catch up before the next class! (Complete the assignment assigned when you were absent). If you need additional notes or information, contact your Spanish buddy and/or make arrangements to attend the Resource during your lunch shift! Speak directly with Sr. Parra BEFORE or AFTER class if you have questions or need to make an appointment to meet with Sr. Parra.


    In accordance with the DHS Honor Code, it is important for all Titan community members to remember to practice academic integrity. Not only are students expected to complete their own work and not give or receive unauthorized assistance on assignments (written, oral, or other), Spanish students should recognize that the use of translators (electronic or other) are not permitted. When in doubt, ask Sr. Parra for clarification before compromising your integrity and jeopardizing your grade.

    En otras palabras; copia, trampa o falta de honestidad, significa un cero (0) reporte al colegio, y padres de familia.

    Nota: No olviden asistir, padres y acudientes a la noche de padres.  Donde estaremos atentos a resolver sus preguntas acerca de sus hijos y su desarrollo en las diferentes clases.

    I look forward to meeting you, parents/guardians, at Parent Conference Night

    Please sign to confirm that you have read the preceding information Parents/ Guardians, please feel free to include any questions or concerns that you might have at this time regarding our Spanish class.



    Student Name:                                                                    _______.

    Student Signature:                                                 ___________      .


    Parent/Guardian Name:                                                                   _______.                                   

    Parent/Guardian Signature:      ___                                                 _______.                                        


    Work phone: ________________________

    Home phone: _______________________

    Cell Phone: _________________________

    E-mail: _____________________________










    Sr. Parra will be available to discuss your grade and/or an assignment at a mutually convenient time. Schedule in advance to meet with her before or after school.

    Muchas gracias.  

    Mr. Parra.

    Nota: No olviden asistir, padres y acudientes a la noche de padres.  Donde estaremos atentos a resolver sus preguntas acerca de sus hijos y su desarrollo en las diferentes clases.

    I look forward to meeting you, parents/guardians, at Parent Conference Night.

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