• AP Psychology:  Curriculum & Due Dates
    NOTE:  dates shown below are APPROXIMATE!  Calendar dates may change due to school closures and/or other unforeseen absences.  Check this page, and the deadline updates page, frequently for current information.
    BINDER SECTIONS (create a labeled tab for each major unit):
    A.  Introduction/Foundations
    B.  Social Psychology
    C.  Neuroscience and Behavior
    D.  Nature/Nurture of Behavior
    E.  Developmental Psychology
    F.  Sensation and Perception
    G.  States of Consciousness
    H.  Learning
    I.  Memory, Cognition and Language
    J.  Intelligence
    K.  Motivation
    L.  Emotions & Stress
    M.  Personality
    N.  Psychological Disorders
    O.  Therapies
    P.  AP Exam Preparation
    GRADING:  AP Psychology
    50%     Tests (chapter exams, mid-term, final) & Quizzes
    25%     Class work (includes homework, participation)
    25%     Projects (includes research papers and summer assignment)
    TOPICS:  Introduction to Psychology (approximate test date, 9/10, Social Psychology (Chapt. 18, test approx. 9/26), Neuroscience and Behavior (Chapt. 2)
    HIGHLIGHTS:  select 1st semester research topic; summer assignment due (submit electronically); Quiz #1 (foundations); 9/24 - Test #1, Critical Reading Due
    TOPICS:  Neuroscience and Behavior (continued, approximate test date 10/15), Nature/Nurture of Behavior (Chapt. 3)
    HIGHLIGHTS:  Neuron Quiz; Brain Mapping Project Due; Chapter 2 Exam
    TOPICS:  Nature/Nurture of Behavior (continued), Developmental Psychology (Chapt. 4, test is combined with Nature/Nuture, to occur approximately 11/3), Sensation and Perception (Chapt.s 5, 6, test date approximately 11/21)
    HIGHLIGHTS:  Chapt. 3 Quiz; Nature/Nurture Project Due; Chapt. 3, 4 Exam; Chapt. 5 Quiz; Chapt. 5, 6 Exam
    TOPICS:  States of Consciousness (Chapt. 7), Learning (Chapt. 8), chapters 7 and 8 exam combined, approximately 12/15
    HIGHLIGHTS:  Chapt. 7 Quiz; Chapt. 7 Exam; Chapt. 8 Exam
    Winter Break
    TOPICS:  Memory, Cognition and Language (Chapt. 9, approximate test date 1/22), Semester Exam Preparation
    HIGHLIGHTS:  Chapter 9 Quiz; Language Quiz; Research Paper #1 Due end of 1st week in January;
    Semester Exam
    TOPICS:  Intelligence (Chapt. 11), Motivation (Chapt. 12)
    HIGHLIGHTS:  2nd Semester Research Topic Selection; Chapt. 11 Quiz;
    Chapt. 12 Quiz
    TOPICS:  Motivation (continued), Theories of Emotion (Chapt. 13), Stress and Health (Chapt. 14), Personality (Chapt. 15)
    HIGHLIGHTS:  Chapt. 11, 12 Exam; Chapt. 13 Quiz; Writing Assignment:  Personality Perspectives (analysis of fictitious character's personality - submit through turnitin.com)
    3/29:  Spring Break begins - study for Chapt. 14, 15 Exam; work on 2nd semester research
    TOPICS:  Personality (continued), Psychological Disorders (Chapt. 16), Treating Psychological Disorders (Chapt. 17)
    HIGHLIGHTS:  Chapt. 14, 15 Exam; Chapt. 16 Exam; begin AP Exam preparation
    TOPICS:  Treating Psychological Disorders (continued), AP Exam Preparation, AP Psychology Binder work, POST-EXAM TOPICS:  Approaches to Therapy, Careers in Psychology, Abnormal Psychology Topics, Insanity Defense, Mental Health Stigma
    HIGHLIGHTS:  2nd Research Paper Due; Binder also due - immediately following AP Exam days
    TOPICS:  Post-Exam Topics (continued) - see above; exam preparation
    DUE DATES:  2nd semester Individual Research Paper due early June through turnitin.com. 
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