• Mr. Haberman

    1.  3-ring Binder (at least 2 inches wide) - will hold all notes, labs, worksheets, homework, etc., and will count as a major PROJECT GRADE during the Spring semester.
    2.  Notebook Dividers - 20; one for each major unit.
    3.  Loose-leaf paper (for your Biology binder)
    4.  Colored Pencils and highlighters (minimum 2 colors) - for anatomical illustrations and notes.
    5.  Kleenex box, OR pack of highlighters, OR 4-pack dry erase markers OR printer paper (all contributors will receive extra credit - one item only!  :)

    AP Psychology

    Same as the regular supplies (see above list), with the following additions/modifications:

    1.  Index cards (at least 3 packs) for assigned vocabulary - to be kept (when returned) in your binder.
    2.  Index card ring (or a snap-close index card holder) and binder pockets to store vocabulary terms in your binder.  If your vocabulary flash cards are turned in for bonus credit, they must be turned in on a card ring or in a card holder (no loose cards accepted).
    3.  Thumb drive and/or similar removable storage device for your papers (drafts), research and class presentations.

    AP Biology

    Same as regular supplies (see above list) with the following additions:
    1.  Check for $46 for Biozone workbooks - cash or check (made out to DHS), can give to me or Ms. Wingfield on Zero Day or 1st day of school.  These are REQUIRED for classwork assignments, homework and other assigned extension activities. 
    2.  A scientific calculator (capable of chi square calculations on lab data, etc.).

Last Modified on August 19, 2018