Spanish, French, Latin and German

    In order to help all students experience success and reach personal goals, as language teachers we will offer an opportunity for re-teaching and re-assessing students scoring below 69% or below on a test or quiz.  This must be done within 2 class periods of the original assessment.


    Level 1 Students are allowed TWO re-takes per quarter.

    Level 2 Students are allowed ONE re-take per quarter.


    By county policy, re-takes are not permitted for CPAs, formative assessments, and Benchmarks.


    Conditions for re-take:

    All homework, study guides, test corrections and other assignments must be fully completed on time.
    Students' work habits must be satisfactory during the unit assessed.
    Students must complete the 18-19 Retake Application and any other requirements established by the teacher.
    The re-test will be given on a date the teacher designates.
    Teachers reserve the right to refuse the re-take option if a student is missing assignments, is frequently absent from class, and/or shows lack of effort.


Last Modified on August 22, 2018