Spanish, French, Latin and German

    In order to help all students experience success and reach personal goals, we will offer an opportunity for re-teaching and re-assessing students scoring 79% or below on a test or quiz.  This must be done within 2 class periods of the original assessment. 


    Conditions for re-take:

    1. All homework, study guides, test corrections and other assignments must be fully completed on time.
    2. Students' work habits must be satisfactory during the unit assessed.
    3. Students must complete the 19-20 Retake Application  and any other requirements established by the teacher.
    4. The re-test will be given on a date the teacher designates.
    5. Teachers reserve the right to refuse the re-take option if a student is missing assignments, is frequently absent from class, and/or shows lack of effort.


Last Modified on August 18, 2019