• A Day

    B Day

    1st - English-Mrs Reisman & Mrs. Smalling 

    Resource 2


    5th-Math-Mrs. Reisman & Mrs. Smalling 

    Resource 2 

    2nd - Science Instruction

    w/Mrs. Reisman & Mrs. Smalling-Resource 2

    Science Labs

    w/Ms. Scarborough B-12 or Ms. Fuchs C-12


    6th-History w/ Mr. Plucker &

    Mrs. Smalling H-2 

    and Civics w/ Ms. Duvel & 

    Mrs. Reisman A-6

    3rd - Community Independence Instruction 

    w/ Mrs. Reisman & Mrs. Smalling


    7th-Teacher Planning

    Students-Art w/Ms. Epperson and Mrs. Smalling

     4th - Teacher Planning

    Students in PE w/ Mr. Eirich

    and/or Mr. Douglas 

    8th- Resource & Basic Skills w/Mrs.Resiman & Mrs. Smalling

     Resource 2 


Last Modified on September 7, 2017