Who Am I - Poster Assignment - ASL LEVEL ONE Sept 2017

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    Directions: Using your creativity, even showing your artistic abilities, (I don’t have that), create a mini poster about YOU!  You are to include all pictures that describe you, your personality, your likes, your favorites, your interests, and hobbies. This is all vocab you will learn in the next few classes. You don’t need to know how to sign this just yet. However, I will teach you the vocabulary the day it is due. Include at least 5-6 pictures and have fun with it!           

    Using the size of a Word document, construction paper or one Power Point slide, poster board, whatever, You are to demonstrate and show off your true identity. This is a fun assignment while the class and teacher get to know you and your likes. You don’t have to print in color unless you can and its easier. You can color, draw, paste whatever.  This doesn’t have to be too big of an assignment. It can be a word document/one power point slide. You choose.

    Your options can be to use clip art, cut up magazines or old pictures of your choice. Glue these on so they won’t fall off. Be creative and have fun!

    (Hint, Hint) If you really want to impress the class/teacher, go online and try to look up the signs that reflect your poster. If you cannot, don't worry, Mrs. Warnock is here to teach you that vocabulary. ASLpro.com is a good site and others on my webpage. 

    When you are complete with your assignment. Please PUT ALL VOCAB ON THE BACK OF YOUR POSTER WITH YOUR NAME! Write it or Attach it!

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