• Tutor Expectations

    Develop a Relationship with the Teacher:  Tutoring starts in October.  Students are assigned to a teacher and will work with that teacher throughout the school year.

    Go Above and Beyond:  Show the teachers and the elementary schools that you are willing to work hard for them. You never know what it could lead to--an internship, a summer job, and possibly even a career opportunity down the road.

    Be On Time: Students are to arrive at the elementary school by 7:45 AM and CHECK IN AT THE MAIN OFFICE!

    Get to Know the Guidance Counselor at your School: For your 1st time—the school counselor will be there to greet you and show you where to go.

    Do Not Miss the Bus! All schools (except Goshen Post) have a bus to bring you back to John Champe High School.  Only Educators Rising students are allowed on the bus Meet the bus outside the school.  If you miss the bus, it is your responsibility to get to school.

    No Tardies to JCHS: If you are driving yourself you must be in class by 9:15 am—no excuses for being late due to Educators Rising.

    Attendance:  You can only miss one Tuesday per monthYou must email the teacher at your elementary school and Mrs.Doherty when you are going to miss tutoring.  Failure to follow the attendance policy will result in your removal from the club.

    Keep a Tutoring Time Sheet:  This will help you keep track of volunteer hours and to track the tasks that you assisted the teacher.  You can use Naviance to keep track of your hours, however, you must have a signed copy (by your elementary cooperating teacher) of your volunteers hours sheet in order to verify your hours.

    Ms. Hassassian will not sign your Tutoring Time Sheet. Your Elementary Cooperating Teacher must sign it. 
    Be Professional at All Times:  This means no eating during tutoring time, no cell phones, and follow the directions of the teacher.  The more you put into this experience, the more you will get out of it.  Inappropriate behavior or disciplinary actions by JCHS can result in your dismissal from the program.

    Dress Code: The Educators Rising t-shirt should be worn while you are tutoring.  Please always dress professionally. Remember, you are representing John Champe High School and are expected to follow appropriate dress code.