• In order to be assigned to tutor at one of our four elementary schools, please complete the tutoring contract and return it to Ms. Hassassian in rooms 1503/1505.
    The fee to join Educators Rising (formerly FEA) is $25. Students must pay online https://www.lcps.org/jch within two school days once they have been notified of an assigned school tutoring position. If the payment is not complete within the time period, then the position will be offered to the next applicant. The form must be signed by both the student and the parent. 
    Students will be able to sign up as a tutor on a first come, first served basis when the sign up period is open. Ms. Hassasian will be accepting applications starting 9/5/19. You can drop off your application to Ms. Hassassian at rooms 1503/1505.
    Tutors are responsible for keeping track of their volunteer time and having their cooperating elementary school teacher confirm and sign it. 
    Click here to download the Tutoring Contract
     Click here to download the Time Sheet