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    Titan Theatre Group encompasses all stage activities at Dominion High School, inclusive on the

    Fall/ Winter Shows, and Spring Musical, Blank Slate Improv Show, One Acts, and Theatre Classes.


    Time and time again, we hear studies on how students who participate in theatre arts education or production score higher academically, have better public speaking skills, and on average have higher self esteem. Yet, these programs are always underfunded or self-funded. Because of that, theatre programs have minimal financial resources to lean on, so when a crisis hits, it can have devasting effects.

    COVID-19 hit Titan Theatre in a devastating way. One week before opening night, school was cancelled. Titan Theatre's Singin in The Rain was going to be Titan Thespian Society's best show yet, scheduled to open on March 19, 2020. They should have been singing their way through a rain stage, tap dancing while twirling umbrellas, and showcasing the amazing talent of our Titan's. Yes, like the rest of the world, their plans were put on hold. That didn't stop them though. They pulled together, started tap dancing in their garages, singing on the decks, all while learning how to video record clips and salvage what they could, because the show must go on. I shared the 20 minute video at Singin' in the Rain. This is a combination of dress rehearsals and home videos, so you can see why funding Titan Theatre next year is so important


    The group has all of the costs of the production but did not benefit from the revenue of ticket sales, concessions, and most importantly the applause of their adored fans. We are looking to provide some financial relief so that Titan Theatre will go on for 2020-2021 school year. If you would like to help sponsor Titan Theatre, not only will you receive items stated below (based on your sponsor level) but also you will remain on our Sponsor List (published in each Playbill) until the end of the 2022 school year. We thank you for any and all contributions, as you are helping us build a program and ensure it survives our current Covid-19 crisis.




    You can watch the video version of Singin' in the Rain at
    Please consider a one time or monthly contribution to support the Titan Theatre Program. 
    Funds are needed for costumes, lighting, music, printing, audio equipment, production sets, and other miscellaneous costs associated with each production. 
    Your financial contributions will enable the DHS theatre program to support these productions and future Titan Theatre productions.

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