• Sports Marketing
    Quarter 3, 9-Week Plan
    Week 19-20 - Exploring the Forms and Techniques of Advertising

    ·         Explain advertising as it relates to SER industries

    ·         Identify goals of advertising and methods of evaluating an advertisement's success


    Week 21-22 - Exploring Sponsorship and Endorsements

    ·         Explain sponsorship/partnership as it relates to the SER industries

    ·         Explain the reasons for a company or organization to use sponsorships

    ·         Explain endorsement and associated legal restrictions

    ·         Explain advantages and disadvantages of endorsements

    ·         Identify current trends in sponsorship within the SER industries


    Week 23 - Using Social Media

    ·         Define the current electronic marketing tools and devices

    ·         Identify methods for attracting customers and establishing/maintaining customer relationships

    ·         Identify target markets’ preferred devices for various electronic marketing tools

    ·         Compare and contrast traditional marketing and social media marketing

    ·         Identify the pros and cons of social media


    Weeks 24-25 - Exploring the Concept of Branding

    ·         Explain the concept of branding as it relates to SER

    ·         Explain the concept and reasons for rebranding

    ·         Explain the concept of product licensing

    ·         Identify the purposes of licensing


    Weeks 26-27 - Exploring Sales Promotion

    ·         Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using various forms of sales promotion in SER industries

    ·         Describe the elements of an SER sales promotion campaign